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Wellness in the workplace

Brightday’s posture training helps you take better care of your employees.



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Digital Health overlooked office ergonmics




of the U.S. workforce sit at work

Back pain

is the biggest disease burden in developed countries

7 hours

per day sitting for an average desk worker


Trends changing the office environment


Nobody sits still

Unassigned seating, home office use and hoteling

Nobody has time

Personalized and on-demand health and wellness solutions

Employees care who they work for

CSR and Employee Retention






Traditional ergonomic assessments and one-off desk setups are outdated. Brightday addresses these trends and problems with easy to deploy, privacy-first posture software, that harnesses emerging technologies.



Why is posture important?




Replace pain, discomfort, fatigue and stress with energy and relaxation. Project more confidence, feel more powerful and sexy.


Become taller and slimmer, and look five pounds lighter instantly. Appear more relaxed and self-assured.


Stay focused longer, enhance your creativity and productivity. Do a better job at work..


Become more motivated and energized in your career and personal life. Have more energy for activities that further boost your health and well-being.



That’s why we bring you the next-generation of software products that promote health and focus during the workday. The founders’ vision is to fundamentally change and improve the modern workplace, creating healthier work-life habits through technology.



How Brightday works

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We spend two years consulting with ergonomists, physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors and posture gurus, went to conferences and surrounded ourselves with some of the best in the field. In this quest of knowledge, we found the perfect expert.


Jean Couch - Posture Expert


Jean Couch has taught posture for 30 years. She is a posture advisor for Google, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University and author of The Runner’s Yoga Book which has sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide.

Our posture videos are all based on Jean’s research. She has travelled around the world to find the best ways to sit and stand by analyzing the posture and movements of people in who have no back pain into old age.



How do we know it works 


We ran extensive user testing with hundreds of users to find out what people think. Within a short period of time, users report that they feel better, look better and perform better throughout their workday and beyond.

1) User testing


“Before Brightday I didn’t even know that I had a pelvis or that I could actually sit or stand comfortably. So cool. You should see how much I correct myself nowadays.”
Christiane SchmidtBusiness Owner in San Francisco


“I’m always reminding my patients that posture is everything… Finally an application that really supports your body!
Dr. Mike Lane, CA
“With Brightday, you don’t need any equipment. It is just the camera and your computer.
Andre G., Software Engineer, San Mateo, CA
“The app is unobtrusive, yet effective - I absolutely love it.
Claude Zellweger, Director of Design, Google


2) Data


We ran extensive user testing with hundreds of users to find out if people like it and if it generates the results about posture improvement and productvity as we predicted.



Our preliminary Data confirms ….


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They improved their productivity and alertness. They started to correct their posture more regularly, alleviating upper-body stress and tension.

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Getting Brightday from their employer shows that the company cares about them and that they gained a better understanding of how to sit better.

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Day 5

Day 10

Our Net Promoter Score rises from a great 45.5 on day 5 to a powerful 59.09 on day 10


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